HandyBrew Tea Maker 魔力沖泡壺

Vendor: HandyBrew


EASY- The easiest way to instantly brew rich, delicious and perfectly clear coffee or tea with no grinds or leaves in your cup. Coffee or tea only dispenses when it’s placed on the top of a cup. Lift up and it stops.

PERSONAL-Brew coffee or tea to your personal taste-never too strong, never too weak. Fits any cup up to 9.5cm in diameter.

DURABLE-Stainless steel filter means full flavored coffee or tea and no messy paper filters. Hand wash recommend. Thick polycarbonate carafe maintains ideal temperature during brewing.


PACKAGING SIZE: 13(Deep)*15(Width)*13(Height) cm


NET WEIGHT: 320g (380g including packaging)

MATERIAL: Food Grades Polycarbonate(-30°C~137°C), Food Grades Silicone(-40°C ~160°C), Stainless Still.



  1. Add the acquired amounts of ground coffee or loose tea into the brewer.
  2. Pour boiling water slowly over coffee or tea. Close lid and wait for recommended brewing time.
  3. Place brewer on top of your mug and watch as perfectly clear coffee or tea fills your mug in seconds.
  4. Simply lift brewer off mug and patented shut off system stops the flow instantly.

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