Our Story


Tê-bí Island, which means an island of tea and rice in Taiwanese, is an independent store based in Edinburgh, aiming to bring the rich and colorful Taiwanese culture to UK.

You can visit our store in South Clerk Street to enjoy a Taiwanese street food experience. Our menu offers a wide range choice of tea drinks, rice wrap and snacks. It’s our goal to offer the finest, healthiest and best tasting Taiwanese foods for our customers, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Also, our food and drink packaging materials are eco friendly and compostable, so you can feel good to be nice to the environment while enjoy our products.

Other than just that, you will also find yourself surrounding by various MADE IN TAIWAN or PRODUCT FROM TAIWAN goods, from quality loose tea to convenient teaware, from designer crafts to paintings, all from the funder partners-Hsiao-Ting and Yi-Ying’s hometown Taiwan. You can find most of these products on our online shop as well.

Through introducing wide and various ranges of products, we wish to present both the traditional side and innovation side of Taiwan. All of the products from Tê-bí Island are picked carefully and we always keep well connection with the provider, so we can be sure our customer get the best experiences from Taiwan.

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